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COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 18

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 18 Glen and Doug are joined again by Alex via Skype and we get another of Glen’s mates, John, on the phone from across the pond for some ‘local’ perspective. We talk the FA Cup Quarterfinal

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 17 – Tim Vickery

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 17 Glen and Doug are joined by Howie again and we discuss us bowing out of Europa via the Gent draw and how we got back on track in the league against Stoke and Everton. Glen

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 16

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 16 Full house on this podcast with Glen and Doug being joined by Chris in studio and Keith back via phone … plus a bonus remote report from London by Joe. We discuss the disappointments at

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 15

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 15 Word of the day: “Character” Glen and Doug are joined by Nick for a back-to-back appearance in-studio. We discuss results of the “Wild Wycombe,” “Saddening Sunderland,” and “Barely ‘Boro” matches … plus look ahead to

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 14 – Paul Stewart

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 14 Glen and Doug are joined by Nick for his second in-studio appearance–apparently because we just played West Brom and Man City. Also, Glen’s persistence pays off again as we get former Spur and ’91 FA

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 13 – Daniel Wynne

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 13 Another barn-burner for you this time as we accidentally break the hour-mark.  Too much good stuff to talk about–including a chance to speak with Tottenham TV commentator Daniel Wynne who, in addition to being a

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 12

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 12 Thanks to a hectic holiday season, we’re getting this podcast out a little later than planned.  It was recorded just after Southampton–but before the Watford result was known.  Keith Mainland joins Glen & Doug in

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 11

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 11 An extra long episode today because we get a few minutes of bonus content, courtesy of TalkSport radio and our very own Glen Cowie making a cameo.  Jason Clare–CO Spurs member and head coach of

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 10

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 10 A live recording at Esters immediately following our Champion’s League exit.  Glen & Doug get Jeremy and Joe back plus first-timer Tony joins us at the high-top to discuss the match and look ahead to

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 9

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 9 Just a quick ‘cast following the North London Derby with some fun “live” interviews at various points in the match with Colorado Spurs supporters in attendance at Esters.  Bear with us as it was our