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COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 6

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 6 Just in time for the international break, Glen & Doug have a chat about the highs and lows of the past couple of weeks.  We also get THFC’s Paul Coyte–arguably one of our most enthusiastic

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 5

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 5 After an unexpected break, Glen & Doug are back with first-timer (and season-ticket holder) Graeme Spice from across the pond. We try to catch up on the past few matches–including the Champions League draw at

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 4

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 4 Doug & Glen get Joe back on the line to discuss our latest roller coaster run of form–and how we think the “Wembley thing” is not a thing (yet is enough of a thing that

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 3

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 3 Transfer Deadline Day Special! No, not really … but there is a lot to talk about as the window slams shut and Poch/Levy make up for a slow start to the transfer session with a

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 2

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 2 A special quick turn-around between podcasts since the Chelsea match is a big one … but, more importantly, we had to get Mac Cowie (aka “Dad”) on the podcast while he was in the States!

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 1

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 1 We’re back again for a new season!  Glen & Doug are joined by Tim to discuss the four seasons: the off-season, the pre-season, the silly season, and the upcoming real season. It’s pre-season for us,

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 22

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 22 Due to travel and other end-of-season commitments, we unfortunately end the podcast season with a whimper … as opposed to Spurs (especially Kane) who end it with a bang! Jeremy sits in for Glen for

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 21 – Emma Storey

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 21 A quick pod to try to help the heart-break from Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final defeat before travel forces us to take another short hiatus. Glen and Doug get freelance sports journalist Emma Storey on the

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 20 – Chris Slegg

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 20 Originally meant as a short bonus to thank the listeners for their patience, we just couldn’t stop talking about the title race and upcoming FA Cup Semifinal match … so a full episode it is!

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 19

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 19 A literal full-house–a poker one, that is–as we’ve got 2 queens and 3 jokers in our hand today. Glen and Doug are joined in studio by debutante Yoon and father-daughter duo Johanna and Ed remotely.