Author: Doug Hoyt

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 8

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 8 The “dark river” episode, part 2. Glen returns in-studio and has to deal with the pair of Dougs again.  Luckily, we get Keith on the horn to balance it out.  After a bit of a

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 7

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 7 The “dark river” episode.  Glen goes remote again and Doug gets fellow a Doug in studio and mayhem ensues.  We talk about how the recent roller coaster seems to have more lows than highs and

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 6

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 6 Just in time for the international break, Glen & Doug have a chat about the highs and lows of the past couple of weeks.  We also get THFC’s Paul Coyte–arguably one of our most enthusiastic

Colorado Spurs at the Colorado Rapids!

Join the Colorado Spurs at the Colorado Rapids!

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 22

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 22 Due to travel and other end-of-season commitments, we unfortunately end the podcast season with a whimper … as opposed to Spurs (especially Kane) who end it with a bang! Jeremy sits in for Glen for

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 21 – Emma Storey

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 21 A quick pod to try to help the heart-break from Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final defeat before travel forces us to take another short hiatus. Glen and Doug get freelance sports journalist Emma Storey on the

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 20 – Chris Slegg

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 20 Originally meant as a short bonus to thank the listeners for their patience, we just couldn’t stop talking about the title race and upcoming FA Cup Semifinal match … so a full episode it is!

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 19

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 19 A literal full-house–a poker one, that is–as we’ve got 2 queens and 3 jokers in our hand today. Glen and Doug are joined in studio by debutante Yoon and father-daughter duo Johanna and Ed remotely.

2016/17 End-of-Season BBQ

It’s time for the Colorado Spurs End-of-Season BBQ! Saturday May 13th, 2017 5:30pm to 8pm Since food and drink is being provided, this event is limited to official club members only — just another perk for being a full member

COSPURS: 2016/17 Episode 18

Season 2016/2017 – Episode 18 Glen and Doug are joined again by Alex via Skype and we get another of Glen’s mates, John, on the phone from across the pond for some ‘local’ perspective. We talk the FA Cup Quarterfinal