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Season 2019/2020 – Episode 4 We’re back after the international break. Glen and Doug are joined by first-timer Kev in the studio and we briefly touch on the NLD, the International break, and what’s on tap in the coming week

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 3

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 3 Sorry folks, we all needed a couple extra days after that fiasco to get our heads right. We get Doug E to join Doug H in-studio with Glen in the Australian HQ to talk about

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 2

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 2 As promised, we’re back right away with the second episode of the season already! We may have overestimated our technical abilities and tried our first “triple-ender” … with Glen from Down Under, Aussie Keith from

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 1

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 1 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … the boys from the Colorado Spurs Podcast are back! Glen has finished his relocation and we’ve worked out the kinks on

COSPURS: 2018/19 Episode 2

Season 2018/2019 – Episode 2 Glen hosts a handful of CO Spurs members for a remote pod at Esters immediately following the Man United thumping.  Listen in as the adrenaline-fueled optimism just oozes out.  What a time to be a

COSPURS: 2018/19 Episode 1

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 9 Oh, hello there.  Have you missed us?  We’ve missed you!  Doug & Glen are joined in-studio by Jeremy to kick off another season of the Colorado Spurs podcast! We discuss the “usual” transfer chaos and–for

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 9

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 9 Doug & Glen are joined in-studio by Jeremy (after a near Lamela-like absence).  We discuss the past few matches including a fairly dominant performance against United and the wild ride at Liverpool.  We also talk

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 5

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 5 After an unexpected break, Glen & Doug are back with first-timer (and season-ticket holder) Graeme Spice from across the pond. We try to catch up on the past few matches–including the Champions League draw at

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 4

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 4 Doug & Glen get Joe back on the line to discuss our latest roller coaster run of form–and how we think the “Wembley thing” is not a thing (yet is enough of a thing that

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 3

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 3 Transfer Deadline Day Special! No, not really … but there is a lot to talk about as the window slams shut and Poch/Levy make up for a slow start to the transfer session with a