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Season 2019/2020 – Episode 5

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 5 Glen and Doug are joined by Jeremy in the studio and we talk about recent form, how the Red Star UCL match brought us back off the ledge slightly, and the big match upcoming. Questions?


Season 2019/2020 – Episode 4 We’re back after the international break. Glen and Doug are joined by first-timer Kev in the studio and we briefly touch on the NLD, the International break, and what’s on tap in the coming week

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 3

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 3 Sorry folks, we all needed a couple extra days after that fiasco to get our heads right. We get Doug E to join Doug H in-studio with Glen in the Australian HQ to talk about

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 2

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 2 As promised, we’re back right away with the second episode of the season already! We may have overestimated our technical abilities and tried our first “triple-ender” … with Glen from Down Under, Aussie Keith from

COSPURS: 2019/20 Episode 1

Season 2019/2020 – Episode 1 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … the boys from the Colorado Spurs Podcast are back! Glen has finished his relocation and we’ve worked out the kinks on

COSPURS: 2018/19 Episode 2

Season 2018/2019 – Episode 2 Glen hosts a handful of CO Spurs members for a remote pod at Esters immediately following the Man United thumping.  Listen in as the adrenaline-fueled optimism just oozes out.  What a time to be a

COSPURS: 2018/19 Episode 1

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 9 Oh, hello there.  Have you missed us?  We’ve missed you!  Doug & Glen are joined in-studio by Jeremy to kick off another season of the Colorado Spurs podcast! We discuss the “usual” transfer chaos and–for

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 9

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 9 Doug & Glen are joined in-studio by Jeremy (after a near Lamela-like absence).  We discuss the past few matches including a fairly dominant performance against United and the wild ride at Liverpool.  We also talk

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 5

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 5 After an unexpected break, Glen & Doug are back with first-timer (and season-ticket holder) Graeme Spice from across the pond. We try to catch up on the past few matches–including the Champions League draw at

COSPURS: 2017/18 Episode 4

Season 2017/2018 – Episode 4 Doug & Glen get Joe back on the line to discuss our latest roller coaster run of form–and how we think the “Wembley thing” is not a thing (yet is enough of a thing that