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Some Important Details to Consider

One our most popular and exciting benefits is our access to Official Supporters Club (OSC) tickets for traveling supporters. It’s important to note:

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The Bottom Line

The “Official Supporters Club” system is geared more towards domestic (UK) clubs that have a big group travel as a club and go to several matches a season and does not necessarily work well for overseas supporters that are bringing their significant other that is only a casual fan or worse, dragging their kids along and hoping to get 4+ tickets to a once-a-season (or once-a-lifetime!) match.

That said, £45 for OHM and £60 for a ticket is roughly $137 USD (depending on current exchange rates) and fairly comparable to what you might pay for decent seats at an American football game. Plus you get all the benefits of OHM (£15 voucher for the online shop, SpursPlay discount, Skywalk and stadium tour discounts, etc.). 

There are also various official premium package sellers that would not need an OHM (but are restricted to Spurs fans) and also come with added benefits (travel vouchers, food, special guests); when all costs are considered, they’re not a bad value.

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